Hi & Welcome to Holy Chic!


Where are you? 

We are happy to introduce you to our statement jewellery webshop. We at Holy Chic believe in statements. Fashion statements to be more exact. Whether you’re wearing one of our pieces strolling down the street to get a latte or you’re all dressed up to go to that fabulous party, people should be drawn to your statement piece. The general reaction to a statement piece should always be ‘OMG’, ‘WAUW’, ‘AMAZING’ or in best cases: HOLY ****. Holy Chic that is.

Every basic can look so much more ravishing with a statement necklace on top. Your hairdo? Even more mesmerizing with a statement hairpiece or earrings peeking through your gorgeous locks. And we probably don’t even need to explain that arm candy can be de-li-cious. Do you already feel like making a statement?

Great! You’ve come to the right address. A Holy Chic piece is waiting to adorn your outfit. And remember ladies, it don’t mean a thing, if you ain’t got that bling.

Who are we?

We are Tiffany and Annelien, 2 girls who love to make a statement.

Tiffany lives in Belgium’s pride & glory Bruges. She works as a press account manager and literally breathes fashion. Having previously worked for Styletoday.be & Flair.be, she knew she needed to be online again and Holy Chic is happy to be her new home! Tiffany loves frosted cupcakes, pink lemonade, Kate Spade, Miami.

Annelien – friends call her Annie – is surrounded by students in the beautiful city Leuven and works as a producer in Brussels. Her master thesis was devoted to the online fashion discourse and Vogue, Glamour and Elle follow her wherever she goes. Annelien loves Paris, Chanel, dresses, high heels, flamingo’s, hot chocolate and pink cutlery.

Both of us are in love with statement jewellery and as sharing is caring, we are happy to share our jewellery-addiction with you.

Any more questions?

Call us, write us or find us on our social media hotspots!

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